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My vision is that viewers can teleport themselves into childhood fantasies across time, place and culture.

I have spent months researching in rare books. In archives, in online museums and online libraries, where I have found material and inspiration in the visual gold that has been hidden and long forgotten. If I integrate a work in my art - the work is in Public Domain

My artistic style is imaginary realism. Imaginary realism unites art movements as magical realism, surrealism,  pop-surrealism and symbolism.

I'm a big fan of software tools such as PoserDaz3D and Blender. Here can I model my figures as if it they are made of digital clay. In these virtual 3D environments, it is almost like working inside a real photo studio. I can lighten my scene, wrap the figure in textures, style the hair and choose posing and angle. I then render the figure into a flat simple one framed picture file.

Primary tools hereafter is Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter .  Here I compose the final image and make it into my own personal and recognizable style. I cut, distort, colorize, resample, revamp, retouch, and fight for every component that slip into the final collage-based tableaux. 


The 'conversation' between my subjects and their environments is a very serious matter to me.

Finally the work will be printet on thick artpaper that has a velvety tactile feel and a fine felt structure. This adds a special touch to the image which makes it into a modern contemporary work of art with a vintage feel.

Annelise Fibæk / Limited Edition Ink 

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