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Annelise Fibæk
Born 1961, lives and works in Kongens Lyngby, Denmark.
Educated photographer, self taught digital artist.

She lived most of her childhood in a suburban life north of Copenhagen, in a neighborhood full of kids who had homeworking moms. So the kids educateded each other doing what they did without telling their parents about the daily adventurous dangers they sought. Ever!

Annelise spent 5 month after she graduated high school in a ‘folk high school’. Here she fell in love with photography and decided she wanted to become a photographer. Annelise completed her degree in photograpy at the Danish School of Journalism in 1987. During the next 13 years she worked on photography assignments domestic and abroad.

In 1995 she gave birth to her son Kasper and changed her focus to photo editing and teaching with a scheduled working life more in balance with being a mom. 

However, her passion for art was always present ...

For almost two decades while working as a photo editor, Annelise was creating and hiding her work in a drawer.

She showed only a teeny-weeny part of her artwork to family and close friends.
But - in 2016 on her sons birthday - she realised she didn’t need permission to live the life she dreamed about. 

She began downsizing her life and in 2017 she quit her day job to follow a new unknown, uncertain but exciting new path as a full time artist.

Annelise describes her art as ‘imaginary realism’. Since she was a child, she imagined she could teleport herself into paintings and live in that imaginary world. At least for a while. Or shrink herself to explore a bird’s nest. The content of her images is determinded by Annelise’s fantasies, life and love for animals, creatures, flowers and nature.

She creates her work by using digitally constructed objects, photos and found components in the making of her collage based tableaux. As her work is printed - the artists ‘original’ only exists in the computer in a world of pixels, mathematics and light.

Annelise is madly in love with the work by old masters like Hjeronimus Bosch, Pieter Breughel, Pre-Raphaelites, Henri Rosseau and Dutch flower painters. But also Frida Kahlo, Leonora Carrington, Henry Darger and the story of Alice in Wonderland tickle her creative bone and provides her with an endless supply of creative ideas and inspiration.

Just to mention a few ...

She sells her limited edition artwork from her studio - by appointment only.

She collaborate with ‘Shopeditions’ that is the graphic devision of the established
‘Galleri Christoffer Egelund’ in Copenhagen. 

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